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The only fitness platform you’ll need to access personalised training programs according to your health, lifestyle and fitness goals.

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An easy way to get health and training advice, including fully customised training programs and checkins to see progress at a few taps, could it possibly get any better? The Anabolist online platform provides all that and much more!

Extensive database

Extensive database of articles focusing on everything from fitness tips and training regimens to nutrition, injury prevention and more


A dedicated lifestyle section to help you maintain a fit, active and healthy lifestyle by focusing on and integrating wellbeing and wellness within the prescribed training programs

Instructional videos

Videos on a variety of ways to approach training, nutrition, overall fitness, correct exercise execution, and much more

While an app to find tailored programs on diet and fitness, as well as track your progress is great, The Anabolist is so much more than merely a “fitness app” – it’s an entire platform offering a holistic approach to training program delivery altogether. It all starts with registering on the platform to help you get started with training program delivery, where you can access a complete knowledgebase to understand the true science behind diet and training as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle – in addition to following a customised training program where you can also track progress in an easy and meaningful way with full accountability.
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Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer

About The Anabolist

Hi, I’m Adrian Ciurea, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer with a Bachelor’s in Sports Science and Nutrition, as well as a Master’s in Strength and Conditioning. In my 15 years of experience, I have worked with everyone from athletes in rugby, basketball and combat sports to people from the general population. My specialty lies in improving movement and mobility, as well as helping my clients achieve balance in life through fitness, diet and wellness.

Throughout the course of my career as a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, I’ve always observed how frustrating people find it to go through a training program and not get the results they want. In fact, I’ve seen an equal number of people give up halfway because the program was either a “one size fits all” or simply not realistic according to their current lifestyle, diet and fitness level.

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Our platform was born as a result of the grievances and unnecessary hoops people had to jump through just to keep their health, lifestyle and fitness on track. Our innovative platform plus a complete resource base of articles and videos helps people, no matter what their age or gender, meet their health, training and lifestyle goals more effectively. It’s an interesting and engaging way to just check-in, view training programs tailored specifically for you, get on with them and track progress from start to finish. You just can’t go wrong with this approach and it’s far more cost-effective than taking a gym membership and then paying a personal trainer separately to prescribe a program and track your progress.

What The Anabolist can do for you

We’re very excited to bring you a one-of-a-kind online platform which allows you to access personalised training programs in an easy, hassle-free and downright effortless manner. The intuitive dashboard gives you access to everything you need to know: from tracking progress to workout videos explaining correct form, to messaging with your trainer and more. It’s a great way to connect and engage with your online coach or trainer, and put an end to accountability issues once and for all.

With access to our database where you’ll find hundreds of articles, videos and lifestyle & wellness management tips, this is the ultimate way to get a handle on your diet, fitness, lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Intuitive dashboard

Easy-to-use dashboard allows you to track nutrition, training programs, payments, program progress, wellness goals, and so much more.

Custom exercise videos

Log in to our platform and you can view all the training videos in our database, where you can handpick the ones you like or ask your coach any questions you may have about them.

Easy workout logging

Easily log your workouts, review past achievements and results, post comments, ask questions, and much more, all at a few taps and swipes.

Track goals and more

Track your exercise history, any medical issues your coach needs to be aware of, and set goals as well as outcomes – so you make sure you meet your goals and stay 100% on track with your diet and exercise program.

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Tell us all about yourself – everything from your diet and activity level to your average daily energy expenditure, caloric intake and more. Tell us what you want to achieve by filling out the questionnaire and we’ll prescribe a tailored diet and training regimen to help you meet each goal.

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